SisDr Sandra Richards

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Peaceful Greetings,

I am SisDr Sandra Richards. I retain the title Sister as it denotes a CommonUnity connection to the African Diaspora. Dr is a mark of academic achievement within a Eurocentric paradigm. I claim both hence my title SisDr.

Sandra is the name given by my biological mother and father and means ‘mother of the sorrow’.

Welcome to my virtual home. These premises contain rooms and corridors that introduce me and the things I am interested in……… I may mention the things I am not interested in but those things will not be featured within these virtual premises.

In my home, certain protocols apply. Due honour and regard is bestowed upon Elders from whom permission to speak has been requested and received. These utterances will come forth in the way I am most comfortable with as I reclaim my tongue and vernacular.

This site will be seasoned regularly and generously with an attitude of gratitude for I recognise that whatever I face good or bad, it could be better or worse and so I am grateful for my portion. Let me begin by Giving Thanks to The Most High Creator of no ‘thing’ and all ‘things’. In the Divine authority there is neither this or that, there is plurality. Many things exist and pertain at the same time.

This way of communicating is an aspect of my resistance to Eurocentric dominance and oppression. Reclaimation and constructing of new language formation has emerged from my being and I declare that “English is not my first language”, it is however what I have been left with following a sustained attack and dissemination of my origin cultural DNA.

The relanguaging legitimises my attempt to convey that which English cannot possibly facilitate. It is an unashamed act of resistance as I acknowledge my Ancestors who protect and guide I daily in my outtings and innings, as I go out and come in consciously and unconsciously. These energies offer and I receive, in everlasting yesterdays, todays and tomorrows.

This is earth experience is a classroom and provides many opportunities for learning. Generating this social profile has gifted me many levels of learning and I am grateful. I am grateful also to my precious Sisterfriend and Queen Redhed Qi who responded to my call for assistance by jumping in the driving seat of this vehicle and driving till I arrived here. SisterQueen, I see you and acknowledge your support.

My website attire represents some of the dimensions of who and how I am manifest. The Fontomfrom Ashanti drum features the Sankofa bird which denotes returning to the past to obtain nuggets of wisdom that guide as one moves forward. The images you will find in these pages also provide a trail that can be followed. Now, I have this revamped presence online with many dots connected; for as I say repeatedly……….there is no separation.

I pray you will enjoy moving around my virtual premises; peeking at the things I peek at and, listening to the things I listen to, feel some of the things I feel, smell the fragrances and not so pleasant odours and generally get a taste of my flavour. Please leave a taste of yours through comment or other virtual means.

More Warm Love SisDr