SisDr Sandra Richards

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SisDr Undiluted 2 and 4 hour Workshops.

A special treat awaits as SisDr clarifies and teaches in keeping with the

'English Is NOT My First Language' initiative.

Workshops - Lectures - Talks & Presentations - Consultancy


Without Apology

Are you ready to live your life to the full minus the excuses?

SisDr will enable a safe guided space for you to access your complete Self? SisDr reveals the mirror for you to do this work Without Apology.

Rites of Passage

This workshop explores alternative frames of reference as an introduction to nourishing culturally appropriate life cycle development ages and stages processes.

Overcoming Perennial Student Syndrome

Do you frequently enrol in courses without graduating? This workshop will offer strategies for accomplishing education and study aspirations without selling your Soul and losing your Self.

It’s Not Fair!!

Are you an education Ambassador teaching in school or other education establishment? Do you recognise the value of each and every student regardless of colour, class, context or condition? Are you looking or a consistent and systematic mechanism for providing education rather than schooling? We look forward to seeing you at the next workshop.

I hate you!!

How to be your child’s best friend and avoid parenting pitfalls. This workshop will provide the space to remember the tributes of this most important responsibility.

Get Over It!

Reparations is about more than money and it certainly isn’t about being rescued. This is a carefully constructed workshop about people, trauma and the invisible stuff that we carry.

It’s Not Person All

This big people talking workshop will provide a rare vertical opportunity to have horizontal and diagonal conversations about relationships including and beyond the flesh.

Test-it Calls and You-into Us (Testicles & Uterus)

This is a mature dance workshop for men and women and uses sounds, silence, meditation and sacred utterances to connect to testicles and uterus for balance, health and wellbeing synergies. Drums, melodies & chants.

Triad Transcension

Men and Wombmen Free-up inverted pyramids. Includes internal self massage class. From 10 centimetres dilation to birthing Spiritual Self love. Human-mirror-work


SisDr is available to deliver 40 minute presentations:

- Explaining the systematic nature of the English schooling system and how it fuels inequality, trauma and how this can be reversed.

- Sharing information about reparations and the conceptual emergences and offering practical interventions.

- Seminars provide opportunities to further explore research unpacking theories to do with either schooling or reparations.

Inspirational Talks & Presentations:

- SisDr Sandra injects her full Self into Inspirational Talks & Presentations. SisDr has a sound track record of bringing a dynamic vibration with her powerful messages. Let her know what your event is, the theme, the audience and she takes it from there.


- SisDr Richards offers a constancy service to individuals, groups, education providers and policy makers.