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About Me:

I am not African American. However Black America was offered to those of us who grew up in England as we had no other image of happy and successful professionals, humour, music, or standards of beauty in the media that reflected our image.

Birthed by Caribbean parents into a Caribbean household I am one of seven siblings. I have been shaped by Britain and its European rules. Abhorent rules that privileged some and discriminated against others. Blam! Confronted by white supremacy from an early age, I quickly recognised how much I detest injustice.

In as many ways as it is possible to do so within the constraints of a legal system I object and protest against blatant inequalities. I do so in many ways the most obvious of which is education.

Education provides the mechanism through which people can become sufficiently empowered enough to get a sense of how to use their Divine gifts to

empower our Self to reduce the negative impact of prejudice.

Being more of mySelf has given me permission to be all that I am.

So…I am furious but also very peaceful. There is much to do and so I will not be paralysed by the colossal task ahead that secures education rather than schooling.

I am daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, grandmother, teacher and student. I am an author, lecturer, education consultant and activist.

I offer inspirational presentations and alternative ways of being in this journey called LIFE.. In these various identities, I forge ahead carving out my

journey Divinely guided, protected and required to be in service.

I am a broad-nosed, full-lipped, wide-hipped melanin-rich philosopher, healer and holder of incredible pleasure and intense pain. Humility is my anchor. Heritage is my throne. I am also a qualified researcher. Greatness is my inheritance and my legacy.

My eternal quest is to cling to a frame of reference more aligned to the highest interests of mySelf and my commonUnity. Umoja! (Swahili)

I am a child of AfRaKa……..without apology!!

Academic Résumé

Sandra Richards is committed to student-centred lifelong learning,

inclusion and alternative frames of

reference that build on inclusive

knowledge ... click for full resume

Community Profile

African-centred community practitioner. SisDr is at home working with grassroots, public and not-for-profit sector individuals and organisations globally as well as small, medium and large private sector

organisations. .. click for full resume